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Crafting Projects

Addiction Destruction and Illusion - A smart phone


In my essay “Addiction, Destruction, and Illusion- A smart

phone” I explain the underlying message of my work and

analyze the bond between humans and cellphones.


A machine that studies the relation between the mobile phone and owner. To create a physical object that replicates the act of breaking the emotional bond between phone and person. It should let the user unfold his sentiments towards the technology first hand and immediately in the crudest way possible.


- The negative influence of phone usage and digital tech on our mental and emotional state of being.

- The influence that technology has on our way to think the relationship & emotional bond between man and technology.

- How to prevent becoming dependent on our environments.

Concept Development

The main idea was to create a man-powered machine, simple at its core. The user will have direct interaction with the machine and its phone. The phone will be a passive element mirroring the passive position we often find ourselves taking within apps of that device. This “machine”, will be a simple box in which the phone is put in a drawer and, from above, with a bat, you get to smash it. However it’s just an illusion, in the box, there is a hidden layer that separates the phone from the box. It’s an auditory and sensorial experience, yet you cannot see inside the box.


Prototype Structure: wood MDF, and metal nails

Inside: Glass, Lightbulbs (breaking sound) and Plastic to simulate sound and feel of breaking a phone

phone anger.png
phone anger2.png

Dadaism Study

The piece:

“L’educatuer, Leerer und Schüleer”

by Emma Loria, sculpture & lamp

made of object trouves.


In my essay “A Dadaism Study,” I analyze the dadaistic art movement and some of the most renowned pieces. To better understand the movement, I created a dadaistic art piece/lamp, which I examine at the end of the paper.


Creating a piece for an university art history exam that challenges the relationship between Professors & Students.

dada project.png


Lamp: LED light with yellow lighting gel 

Structure: Hard plastic and metal chrome tubes and plate (to reflect the skullls)

Skulls: Object trouve

Glass: A piece of broken Murano glass found in my house reutilized to reflect the light

Inside Skulls: Old  rusty clockwork pieces my friendly old italian clockworker gifted me



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